Why Are Title Tags Important?

Simply put, a title tag is the headline that the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) displays. After visitors click on the title tag, they are taken to the relevant page. Search engines need title tags to understand what the pages they lead to are about. It is one of the most crucial elements in search engine optimization and ranking a website. This is why most SEO agencies focus on this first, when bringing in a new client.

Title tags are important for a number of reasons. We will go over all of them.

A Title Tag Is a Visitor’s First Impression of a Page

You only ever get one first impression, and when it comes to SEO you’ll always want it to be a positive one. While your content may be the heart of your site, many visitors will never even get to see or read it if they never click on your title tag. The same goes for that eye-catching website design that you’ve put so much time and money into. Without sugarcoating anything, if your title tag doesn’t inspire visitors to keep exploring, then all of your other work has been for nothing.

A Good Title Tag Will Help You Rank Up

No one can deny the importance of an inviting title tag for SEO. It will determine whether a potential visitor will lose the potential part.

Those who click on your title tag will navigate to your website, which should clearly lay out your services in a simple fashion. The traffic from those visits alone will raise your rank in search engines if they remain on the page. More importantly, the people who visit your website will be exposed to your entire brand; from website design to the content. Some (preferably a high percentage) of them will become your core audience, effectively promoting your website for free from that point on.

You Can Easily Change and Try Out Title Tags

Your title tag is not some cast in stone decision that you make early on and can never go back to. As a matter of fact, you can easily tweak or change it altogether and quickly gauge the results.

After changing your title tag, go to your Google Search Console. Once you are there, you will want to recrawl, then reindex your URL. You will need to wait for a little bit afterward for the alterations to go into effect. That can take as little as a minute or two, but you’ll sometimes have to wait for hours.

Regardless, once the changes go into effect, you will be able to use your favorite toolkit to see how your site is faring with the new title tag. If you are pleased with the result, you can keep the new one. If not, you can either roll back to the old title tag or repeat the process and try out something else.

Conclusion: The First Impression Is Priceless

It goes without saying that no matter what your website is about, you will want people to visit it. An intriguing title tag will only help you in that regard. Furthermore, trying out your options and getting one that works is not difficult at all. There is so much to gain and almost nothing to lose.